Sell your art: Nationally, in multiples, with NO consignment.

Download to learn how!


Art Consultants, sell art to the corporate market, sell art to hospitals, sell art to hotels


Why it pays
The corporate, healthcare, and hospitality art markets are especially lucrative markets looking for multiple artworks at a time. Unlike working with galleries, there is no consignment involved which lets you build your business faster!

How to do it
This short and sweet e-book helps you understand the channels and guides you through the process of entering and successfully navigating these markets.

Who to contact
The leg work has been done for you! Here is where I share my Rolodex. This book provides a unique, comprehensive list of key industry contacts.

If your art is nature based, still-life, whimsical, or abstract in any medium then this book is for YOU!



What artists say:

“It’s been three months since I downloaded your book and I already made back more than 90 times the price I paid for it! And, I have several other things in the works as a result so I expect more will be coming. Your book is the best investment!”
– David Glick

“Yesterday I bought your book. Today I am represented by an art consultant that feels she can place at least thirty of my works a year. I could never thank you enough!”
– Pat Davis

“I purchased Liron’s book and due to her easy to follow information, I made contact with a number of art consultants and received commission work. It paid for itself and is truly a great resource to artists who are willing to do the work. It saved me hours and hours trying to research the consultants on my own. I recommend it highly.”
– Aryana B. Londir

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